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Meet Kamilah 

Kamilah is an entrepreneur, artist, & the successful and multi-passionate founder & CEO of Katalyst.


As a builder of thriving remote-first communities and teams, she supports women pivoting from employee to nonprofit independent consultant, optimizes remote/hybrid teams for success, and stabilizes & buoys organizations as an interim executive during leadership transitions.




Kamilah Martin, Founder & CEO

Kamilah is a visionary leader with over two decades navigating the nonprofit world, both as an executive and a consultant.

In 2020, with the world feeling turned upside down, she resigned from an organization whose lived values no longer aligned with hers, and bet on herself. She took a risk as the primary breadwinner for her family of four, and discovered more about her gifts and purpose in the process.


Kamilah is the creator of the award-winning Katalyst Nonprofit Consultant Mastermind Community, a global membership community that supports Black women and women of color nonprofit/NGO consultants & coaches during their independent consulting journey. 

With a profound understanding of organizational dynamics and a passion for advancing equity and human-centered leadership, as a consultant Kamilah specializes in interim leadership solutions, guiding nonprofit organizations through periods of transition with grace and effectiveness. Her extensive experience spans diverse sectors, from humanitarian and conservation efforts to youth activism and leadership development, both domestically and globally.

Kamilah has successfully led and stabilized internal teams during several CEO and Executive Director transitions and is known for her innate ability to heal fractured teams and lead from a space of humanity. Specializing in supporting nonprofits and foundations, she also has experience working with and leading projects with, New York Cares, National Urban Fellows, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce’s Southern California Leadership Network, Thomas J. Watson Foundation, and Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.


Kamilah was a World Economic Forum US Stakeholder Council Member for the Trillion Tree Initiative, an NGO Representative to the United Nations, an NYU Public Service Leadership Fellow, a National Urban Fellow, and a National Wildlife Federation Leadership Fellow. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (City University of New York, Baruch College) and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management (University of Maryland, College Park).

Ways to Work With Kamilah

Join our Nonprofit Consultant Membership Community

Join or partner with our private membership community of independent nonprofit consultants centering Black women & WOC built to support & empower the transition from nonprofit 9-5 to consultant.

Hire Kamilah as an Interim "Chief" Consultant

Kamilah provides thoughtful, human-centered leadership to stabilize teams and maintain internal and external stakeholder confidence during periods of organizational transition. 

Work with Kamilah 1:1 Coaching/Advising

As an advisor, thought partner, and guide, Kamilah will support you in navigating yourself and your options during your career transition from W-2 employee to independent consultant.

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