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Ready to take control of your consulting business?

There's a place where dreams are nurtured, expertise is shared, fun is had, and paths are illuminated.


Welcome to Katalyst, a sanctuary that centers Black women and women of color who are in years 0-5 of their nonprofit consulting journey.



Does this sound familiar?

"I'm craving a safe space of other women like me who just get it and who are in it to mutually support."

"I know I have skills, experience, and gifts to offer as part of my consulting work, but could use support figuring things out."

"I wish I had someone to go to with this question."

"Where can I find someone I trust and would enjoy working with to go in together on this opportunity?"

"Where do I begin to find opportunities?"


“[Kamilah] founded a beautiful community of generous women who are investing time in themselves and one another. From group coaching calls to the library full of webinars to the members of her team lovingly holding the space, joining this private membership community has helped me build relationships, confidently pursue more independent consultation work, and grow my business."

Tashmica, Katalyst Community Member

What Our Community Has Achieved Together

96% of members feel more connected to women entrepreneurs

Members report 80+
new professional connections

Over $300K in new business opportunities
Goal for the next 12 months: reach $1 million

Enjoy the connection, support, and opportunities that Katalyst has to offer.

Feel taken care of and celebrated in our refreshing bubble of safety and shared elevation.
Generate new paid leads sourced from within this community.
Have a professional space to show up as FULLY you.
Easily meet new and aligned colleagues and friends within your first month.


Meet Kamilah Martin

Kamilah is an entrepreneur, artist, & the successful and multi-passionate founder & CEO of Katalyst.

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Our Award-winning community
is popping!


Access the Katalyst community 24 hours/day, whenever it's convenient for you, wherever you are in the world! 

Here's what's included:

Private Community on Circle

Access to our refreshing, award-winning, private community where you are known, seen, supported, and celebrated.


Enjoy community support, RFP & opportunity shares, webinar archives, knowledge-sharing, and a hype squad.

Monthly Group Coaching

One monthly group coaching session with our hired Action Learning coach.

Sessions are generally on the 1st Monday of every month, noon-1:30pm ET.

Virtual Meet-ups

Katalyst Circles are our virtual meet-ups with Kamilah. 


Enjoy this informal monthly space to connect with & get to know other community members on a more individual and deeper level.

Come as you are, ask your questions, vent, get updates on what others have going on. 

Katalyst Circles are generally 3rd Monday of every month, noon-1pm ET.

Professional Networking

Opportunities for you and your work to be amplified on LinkedIn, YouTube, and our K-Suite email newsletter, and access to all of the networks and connections that all of our Katalyst members have.

Pop-Up Sessions

Join us for special pop-up sessions on topics that uplift our whole selves and our professional practices.

These are a mix of fun (think mental and emotional breaks for the sole purpose of joy) and informative professional development.

Early Bird Access

Early bird access to all Katalyst retreats and events.

For more information on our upcoming community events, CLICK HERE.

25% off Prosal Membership

Hawwa, Katalyst Member

“As a consultant, you have to unlearn a lot of things about your way of working and how to look for work. Having the tools and network to help me do this has been extremely beneficial.”

Najmah, Katalyst Member

"This group is MAGIC, some of the most brilliant problem solvers all in one space."

Rose, Katalyst Member

“I don't feel like I am going it alone, and I hear others voicing similar concerns and offering advice that as a new entrepreneur I would not have thought of.”

Get a free 30-day trial membership

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Select the Plan that Works for You

Annual Payment

$2,300 USD per year

Monthly Payments

$197 USD per month

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Still unsure if Katalyst is right for you?

Contact us with any questions about our online mastermind community.

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