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What does it look like to center your joy?

Our events range from all-inclusive luxury retreats for independent-minded, heart-centered Black & brown Founders, Consultants, CEOs, caregivers, and leaders to more intimate gatherings, Field Trips, and CEO Days for Katalyst members, friends, and partners.

But everything we do has one thing in common.

We create the space and bring together those who are in need of community and care, to both elevate, and also


A look inside our events

Join us for an upcoming event

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The 2025 Fill Your Cup Retreat

Our luxury, all-inclusive retreat is for independent-minded, heart-centered Black & brown #bosswomen and allies who have worked hard, who are exhausted, and who want to be taken care of over a long weekend as part of a safe community, while expanding, planning, and visioning next chapters with other aligned women.

Katalyst Retreats & Events

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