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Nonprofit Consulting
Mastermind Group

A private membership community of independent nonprofit consultants

centering Black women & WOC

built to support & empower your transition from nonprofit 9-5 to consultant

Presented by Kamilah Martin,
Founder & CEO of Katalyst

I've navigated the nonprofit world for 20 years, both as a nonprofit executive and as a nonprofit executive consultant. In 2020, with the world feeling turned upside down, I resigned from an organization whose lived values no longer aligned with mine. I took a risk as the primary breadwinner for my family of four, and I bet on myself. I made the transition to more freedom and liberation via nonprofit consulting. I started Katalyst, and have been able to build the supportive, safe community of other brilliant, aligned Black women and women of color that could have been so valuable to me when I first took the leap. What I didn't have, I wanted to build and offer to others. 

Any major life transition is hard. Going from the comfort of a 9-5—particularly when that may be all you have seen and known—into a world of setting up your own business structure, navigating health insurance, finding clients, pricing your skills, writing contracts, not to mention shifting money and scarcity mindsets and healing from various work traumas and toxicities, can be straight-up terrifying. You can forge ahead alone, but when you have an opportunity to navigate these spaces as part of safe and uplifting community that centers your needs and lived experiences, a group that has your back, it all starts to feel a little less scary and a little more possible.

In our community of women who range from those considering independent consulting to those a couple of years in the game, you will feel safe showing up as you are in your full humanity, multi-dimensions, and intersections. We are serious about Our Values and we have one goal: to create a space where you have the support and resources you need to thrive on your independent nonprofit consulting journey (whatever that may look like for you).

Does any of this feel familiar?

"I'm craving safe space of other women like me who just get it and who are in it to mutually support."
"I know I have skills, experience, and gifts to offer as part of my consulting work, but could use support figuring things out."
"I wish I had someone to go to with this question."
"Where can I find someone I trust and would enjoy working with to go in together on this opportunity?"
"Where do I begin to find opportunities?"

...if so, this community is for you.

This community is NOT for you if...

✌🏾You tend to take more than you altruistically offer others
✌🏾You aren't willing to put in time to build and support new relationships (by whatever means is most comfortable to you)
✌🏾You aren't willing to stretch yourself and grow
✌🏾Our values are not part of your core values
✌🏾Your energy is negative, non-uplifting, judgmental, closed, fearful 
This is will not be the space for you.

What to expect with membership...

✨Access to our private LinkedIn community

(community support, RFP & opportunity shares, knowledge-sharing, hype squad)

✨One monthly group coaching session with our hired coach

(generally 1st Monday of every month, noon-1:30pm ET)

✨Katalyst Circles--regular monthly space to connect with & get to know other community members on a more individual and deeper level

(generally 3rd Monday of every month, noon-1pm ET)

✨Occasional pop-up sessions on topics that uplift our whole selves and our professional practices
These will be a mix of fun (think mental and emotional breaks for the sole purpose of joy) and informative

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Latasha, 2022 Mastermind Member

"This group made me aware of some aspects of business and self that I knew very little about. I learned about taxes, wealth & finance, storytelling Branding but I also learned about myself and my vision and how to heal. Kamilah's ability to add value to the women in a way that nourishes their personal and professional development is remarkable. I am super grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the mastermind."

"...your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else..."

~Toni Morrison

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