Nonprofit Consulting
Mastermind Group

A supportive community of nonprofit consultants

-centering Black & WOC- 

built to help each other thrive. 

Presented by Kamilah Martin,
Founder & CEO at Katalyst

This is life's purpose work for me. Since navigating the nonprofit world for 20 years, both as a nonprofit executive and as a nonprofit executive consultant, I've been fortunate to see some success and have overcome many hurdles. In 2020, with the world feeling turned upside down, I took a risk and bet on myself as that primary breadwinner for my family of four. I made the transition to more freedom and liberation via nonprofit consulting. Now through Katalyst, I am building the supportive community of other brilliant women that I wish I had when I first took the leap.

In our group, you will feel safe showing up as you are in your full humanity, multi-dimensions, and intersections. We are serious about Our Values and we have one goal: to create a space where you have the support and resources you need to thrive on your nonprofit consulting journey (whatever that may look like for you).

Does any of this feel familiar?

"I have no idea where to start."
"How do I align my strengths with what I offer? How do I even identify my strengths?"
"I wish I had someone to go to with this question."
"I wish I had someone I trusted and would enjoy working with to go in together on this opportunity."
"Where do I begin to find opportunities?"

...if so, this group is for you.

Membership Includes

Keyboard and Mouse

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