Get your nonprofit RFP in front of more Black & WOC nonprofit consultants.

How hard was it to get the word out and get a diverse pool of proposals for your last RFP?

Did you post on LinkedIn and reach out to your usual network hoping that the word would spread organically? 


How many Black or WOC-led consulting teams responded? 

Most nonprofits see a lack of proposals from Black and other women of color consultants in response to their RFPs, though there is no lack of highly qualified Black and WOC consultants in our field. It's the same biases and same systemic problems, showing up in yet another way.

We're here to help you be a part of the solution.

We invite you to get your RFP in front of our private network of over 50 (and growing!) experienced and talented Black and WOC nonprofit consultants.


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in front of more Black women & WOC candidates.

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