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Match your organization's needs with our phenomenal network of independent consultants & contractors.

Our Katalyst Nonprofit Consultant Network is a gold mine of exceptional consultant and contractor talent.

Our network includes former Executive Directors, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Program Officers, Fundraisers, International Development experts, etc. (mostly Black & brown women leaders, by design) who successfully and expertly led teams, strategy, programs, fundraising, and boards of multi-million dollar organizations and now have desire & capacity to support your needs and challenges on a contract-basis. 

What is your current organizational challenge or need?

There is someone in our network willing to partner with you to solve it.

The consultants in our network have extensive expertise (with proven testimonials!) in:

✔️ Executive coaching

✔️ Board development

✔️ Strategic planning & execution

✔️ Fundraising & business development

✔️ Interim/fractional CEO/COO/ED/Chief of Staff leadership 


✔️ Policy and legal

✔️ Program design & implementation

✔️ Technology

✔️ Educational policy and programming

✔️ Writing

✔️ Conservation and Climate Justice

✔️ Program & meeting facilitation

Our network is ready to lift up your teams and lighten your executive load.


Connect with our nonprofit consultant & contractor network.

Free to post.
Katalyst is compensated 5% of final contract negotiated between you and consultant*

*Katalyst will share your post with our network, however we do not guarantee a match.

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Thanks for submitting! Our team will email you an introduction to anyone in our network that matches your needs.
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