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Women leaders helping  leaders thrive.

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Kamilah Martin, Founder & CEO

" I left a Vice President role of a prestigious international NGO once it became clear that having a title did not equal having a valued, independent voice. I knew I could have a much greater impact using my experience and expertise to support leaders whose lived values more closely mirrored mine. I built a team of women and mothers who wanted to use their lives to do good—and to help others in leadership roles at their organizations succeed in their efforts to do good."

Katalyst is proudly Black, woman, and mother owned. With our company values of integrity, equity, and compassion our nonprofit executive consulting services specialize in interim senior leadership support during transition and project management. We are experts in optimizing remote, national teams both domestically and internationally.

We are also experts in creating safe communities for #boss women to thrive through our Fill Your Cup retreats and Mastermind Community

Our Consulting Services

Interim Senior Leadership Transition 

We provide thoughtful, human-centered leadership to stabilize teams and maintain internal and external stakeholder confidence during periods of organizational transition. 

Project Management &
Program Implementation

With a particular expertise in virtual/remote engagement, we help lead and guide teams to effectively design & implement projects and take your goals from idea to reality.

Nonprofit Consultant
Mastermind Group 


Our Nonprofit Consultant Mastermind Community convenes and uplifts nonprofit consultants. We support and center the needs of Black women and other women of color who have recently transitioned to nonprofit consulting.

We bring the resources and empowering community to you as you navigate (or contemplate) the transition from 9-5 to entrepreneur.

This is a safe and supportive space for you to thrive.

The word...

Dr. Lisa Rawlings

President & CEO,

National Urban Fellows

Kamilah possess that rare ability to pivot between strategy and tactics, serving as both an insightful thought partner as well as a dynamic “roll-up your sleeves and get to work” partner. This combination, coupled with her high emotional intelligence, make her a warm steadying force and a valuable advisor in any endeavor.

Gary Bagley

Former Executive Director,

New York Cares

Kamilah’s supportive and welcoming demeanor, her excellent questions, and willingness to march head on into a problem that needs solving helped our work progress during a period of tremendous change.  Of course, an outsider would never suspect that there was change afoot or challenges to manage because of Kamilah’s steady hand and calm composure.

Her commitment to a more equitable and kinder world will benefit many.  At New York Cares, we know how lucky anyone who gets to work with Kamilah is. 

Ellen Balaguer

Retired Global Managing Director at Accenture and Chair, Leeds School of Business Advisory Board, CU Boulder

Kamilah is a thoughtful, forward looking and strategically focused leader. She has demonstrated repeatedly that she can lead the improvement, scaling and amplification of the relevance of a strong national program. Any organization would benefit greatly from her insights, strong management and sensitive leadership.

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